Ankit Rajgaria

Ankit Rajgaria B.Com (A&F), ACA

Ankit Rajgaria, an associate member of ICAI, is stationed at the Ranchi Branch of the firm. He has served multiple SMEs with their taxation and auditing cases during his qualification period. He has a blend of versatile expertise that includes compliances and representations at all levels of regulatory as well as statutory bodies.

Areas of Specialization

  • Representations in procedural compliance and assessment in relation to direct and indirect tax matters.
  • Planning and executing financial & accounting assignments related to Partnership firms and non-profit organizations.
  • Advisory on all kinds of compliance applicable to an entity.
  • Planning and executing all kinds of audit assignments across all trade spheres.
  • par-col +91 9769412921
  • par-msg ankitrajgaria@sbrca.co.in
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