Shubham Modi

Shubham Modi (B.Com (A&F), ACA, CS)

Shubham Modi, an associate member of ICAI and also a qualified Company Secretary is in charge of Ranchi Branch of the firm. He has extensively worked on several auditing and consulting cases across diverse verticals and has served clients ranging from global MNCs to SMEs during his qualification period and continues to pursue excellence in the same fields post qualification.

Areas of Specialization

  • Planning and executing all kinds of high-end financial & accounting assignments of an institution in a short period of time.
  • Planning and executing all types of audits in banking sector.
  • Financial and Tax Planning of firms with varied constitutions.
  • Advisory on Indirect Tax and other incidental matters.
  • Advisory on International Taxation and related treaties.
  • par-col+91 87673 25553
  • par-msgShubhammodi@sbrca.co.in
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